S3 #50 - The Wire Below - Western Desert, Winter 1941-42

Tobruk is under siege, the Desert Rats holding off all the Africa Korps can throw at them. The remaining units of 8th Army form and build along the wire, the border between Axis Libya and British Egypt. Axis garrison forces hold the line, watch and wait. Both sides plan upcoming offenses as fall approaches to decide the issue of Tobruk. Each air force strives to slow the supply, troop and aircraft build-up in the upcoming battle area. The British will be ready first, their supply lines, though long, are much more secure than those of the Axis. The clank of tank treads will soon overwhelm the wire and the roar of low-level aircraft will sound the opening shots of Operation Crusader.

This series is a very tactical one with small groups of strike and bomber aircraft attempting to interdict supplies and damage the ability of the opposing side to reinforce aircraft. Limited steps will force both sides to conserve their better a/c and keep replacements coming. Attacks on enemy tank formations will support or hinder advances. Bombing of depots will reduce the fuel available for a/c and reduce the mobility of ground forces. Good radar coverage but with grey dots will simulate both ground observers and the confused situation that surrounded this famous battle. Airborne arrows will allow pilots to find themselves when lost in the desert.

This series is the third in a three part Britain Stands Alone campaign that pits the RAF against the Luftwaffe, spanning the early battles in France, England and the desert, 1940-1941.

The Wire Below runs on Jun 1, Jun 8, Jun 15, Jun 22 and Jun 29

Stocky Edwards talks about flying P40s in the desert


- Series runs with no breaks - May 25, Jun 1, Jun 8, Jun 15, and Jun 22
- a range of early war aircraft are available for both sides - a/c steps for each side

Game Rules

- initial rules some final tweaking will occur before the first frame - score board - ground units - sample turn

- Tobruk Terrain
- the basic S3 rules for players and squads
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