Player Rules

S3 Litany - 1 a/c type and 1 life per frame, no teleporting. There are some series specific exceptions but pilots that follow this simple saying will not break any rules.

Pilot Sorties - Pilots must fly the a/c they are assigned to for the whole frame. There is no 'teleporting' between fields or changing a/c type in the frame.

Gunner Sorties - only bomber/strike pilots may gun for each other during a frame. A ll results as a gunner stand(ie kills and KIAs). Those pilots assigned to fighters cannot gun at any time during play. Dead fighter pilots can provide GCI allowing others to fly.

Flak/GVs/Ships - no player at any time may gun from flak, GVs or ships. Only assigned players may drive ships and they must be approved by the Frame CO beforehand or during play.

Bales/Ditches/Deaths - Every player flys until they die, bale, ditch or DWD. Otherwise they must land and be in the tower before the frame ends(T+180).

Discos/DWD - Discos may replane at will from their assigned base. Discos with damage(DWD) are considered to have baled and are done for the night.

Resets - a limited number of resets will be allowed in the first 30mins to account for computer problems, sticky triggers and botched takeoffs. All deaths are final and will stand in the log. Weird things do at times happen and editing the logs can prove to be a major PITA.

Gatecrashers - Uninvited pilots are now rare due to the private arenas but they can still get in and try and cause havoc. Kills of, or deaths by a gatecrasher are considered valid and will not be adjusted by the S3 Staff.

Arena Bugs - Some arena targets may have bugs and their destruction may or may not occur to well-placed bomb attacks. Regardless, all targets must be destroyed in the log to be counted for points or objectives.

Player Scoring - Points are awarded based upon the targets each player is credited with destroying during a frame. All minus points are compared with plus points to arrive at a final point total for each pilot. Survival modifiers are cumulative so that if a pilot bales and is captured he/she loses 1.50 pts (1.00 + 0.50). This is in the process of being updated and changed as the parser is improved and WB3 develops.

  • Kill of other class a/c(includes AI bombers) - 1.0 pt
  • Kill of bomber class a/c - 2.0 pt
  • Assist awarded in kill of e/a - 0.25 pt
  • Destroy structure, gun or GV - 0.50 pt for tactical events and 0.25 pt for operational events.
  • Destroy AI ship - 2.0 pt
  • Pilot killed - minus 1.00 pt (a/c lost - includes warped/badbail - updated logs from OTB).
  • Pilot captured - minus 0.50 pt (a/c lost).
  • Pilot bales - minus 1.00 pt (a/c lost, kill awarded - includes DWD - changed from 0.5 in OTB)
  • Pilot ditches - minus 0.50 pt (a/c lost, no kill - changed from 0.25 in OTB).

Squadron Rules

Responsibilities - Before the series starts each WB squad must update their list of player callsigns(full 6 digit form) and an estimate of the number of pilots they expect for each frame.

A/C Assignments - Each squad is assigned a/c based upon the pilot numbers, play-balance and the need to share turns flying Axis and strike a/c. Numbers fluctuate and it is up to each squad CO to make sure that assigned a/c types are flown each frame.

Penalties - A basic penalty for breaking series specific rules will be a change of an offending squad's a/c type(s) or assignment of a penalty a/c if the offending pilot is known. Penalty planes are bad mojo.