S3 #45 - Wild Horses Roam - Germany Winter 1943-44

The 8th Air Force has been blooded hitting close targets in France and the Low Countries and decides to turn to those more important industrial complexes in Germany. After some attempts at unescorted raids that proved very costly new escort fighters are brought in to fight the Luftwaffe in the air over Germany

In this series the Allies have the numbers advantage and new faster more long range fighters but the Luftwaffe are defending under a radar umbrella and get to defend in depth. Special ops will pit the sneakiest and smartest on both sides as they conduct precision attacks deep into enemy airspace. Not as many missions as in the previous series but more dangerous and with the pressure on fewer pilots. WHR is mainly a bombers into Germany series with escorts fighting of relentless Luftwaffe attacks and bleeding bombers flying home on two engines.

This series is the first in a three part campaign that pits the USAAF against the Luftwaffe, spanning the bomber battle over Germany from 1943-1945.

Wild Horses Roam runs on Nov 18, Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 12. The ETO will be the arena for all three series in the Bomber Battle over Germany Campaign.


- Series runs with no breaks - Nov 18, Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 12
- a range of mid war aircraft are available for both sides - a/c steps for each side

Game Rules

- initial rules some final tweaking will occur before the first frame - still to come Tuesday the latest.

- ETO Terrain
- the basic S3 rules for players and squads
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