S3 #45 - Wild Horses Roam - Germany Winter 1943-44

Game Settings

  • Allied Players(green) - 109 est
  • Axis Players(gold) - 86 est
  • Icons d20 friendly, d8 range, d1 enemy name
  • Winds none
  • Clouds - possible
  • Radar 40 miles with inflight arrow. Minimum alt is 500 ft.
  • Flak - all Flak is limited to 30,000ft in height.
  • Allied Airfields(green) - England
  • Axis Airfields(gold) - mainland Europe
  • Fuel Multipler - set at 1.0 for all planes.
  • Rebuild Time - 300 mins
  • Game Length 180 mins
  • Lives 1 life per frame
  • Game Scale - 1 squad = 1 historical unit and 1 frame = 1 week of operations.

Basic Rules

Initial Format - subject to change before the first frame.

Start Times - each frame uses the following schedule;

  • T+0 - Dawn
  • T+30 - Full light
  • T+160 - Dusk, last surface attacks completed all a/c must disengage ASAP.
  • T+180 - Near dark, all squads must be in tower or on final.

Operational Restrictions - each side may only conduct operations in the area outlined in the game map.

Altitude Restrictions - Bombers and strikes are limited to a ceiling CAP of 25,000ft.

Airfield Basing Restrictions - each side may only field a specific number of steps at each airfield depending on that fields size. Larger squads may break up their steps and assign them to more than one airfield.

  • Small fields = 1 step.
  • Medium fields = 2 steps.
  • Large fields = 4 steps.

Ord Restrictions - only those a/c indicated on the stepchart may carry ord.

Aircraft Steps - squads must outfit themselves from the available steps located in the stepchart. These steps are carried over from the previous series with some plane subsitutions showing the deployment of new a/c into the theatre. Multi-step squads will represent more than one historic fighter unit and may fly different a/c types. Losses to aircraft are calculated based upon all kills claimed against that type during a frame. Steps will be reduced for evey 6 a/c of that type lost with fractions carried over to the next frame.

Bomber/Strike AI - no bomber AI allowed

AI targets - several AI units will be present as targets and represent targets for the spec ops missions. Expect to see AA defenses in heavily defended locations as well.

Battle sector - the Allied Frame CO decides either to attack Northern or Southern Germany at least by the Friday before the next frame begins. All Allied attacks must be conducted agaisnt the chosen sector during that frame. The Luftwaffe CO is notified and can deploy his forces accordingly within the threatened sector.

OOB deployment limits - all Luftwaffe forces must be deployed in the chosen battle sector. All USAAF bomber units must use any large field and USAAF fighters may use any fields keeping within basing step restrictions.

Missions - each side plans and conducts missions against each other as outlined below. The Frame CO decides on how and what to attack with his available forces. The three target classes are scored differently and are as follows;

  • Squad Survival Mission - each Allied squad or CG scores 1 mission point if they have more than 75% of their pilots survive alive. Each Luftwaffe squad or CG scores 2 mission points for the same 75% survival rate. Death is calculated from all causes both combat and accidental. The Luftwaffe can earn a total of 16 points and the Allies 10 points.
  • Bomber and Intercept Missions - Allies must conduct a min of 3 and a max of 5 bomber missions per frame and the Luftwaffe is scored on how well they intercept those missions. The Allies must assign at least 2 steps of bombers(B17s or B25s only) to each chosen target. Targets hit ruled lightly damaged score 1 point and those ruled heavily damaged score 2 points. Those targets ruled as long range score double points as compared to those ruled as short range(see map)For every 25% of bombers shotdown(claimed as a kill) on a specific mission the Luftwaffe scores 1 point. Bomber missions can only be conducted against industry targets. Once hit that target cannot be attacked again during the series.
  • Special Ops Missions - each side may conduct special operation missions each frame from a list of targets. The Allies can conduct a maximum of 3 while the Luftwaffe have a max of 2. Spec ops missions are worth 1-3 points depending on difficulty.

AAR - After Action Reports are manditory in determining the success or failure of missions. Failure to post an AAR may result in raids being ruled a failure.

Hidden Rules - each side will have some basic hidden rules to simulate higher command decisions and directions. Spec Ops mission lists are provided for each side to pick from. If losses or results are not encouraging HQ may press for the introduction of better a/c or tactics in order to win back the initiative.

Victory Conditions - Victory conditions are cumulative and a winner is declared only after all the frames have been run. The total mission points for both sides are compared after 5 frames.

  • 0-10 point difference is a draw
  • 11-30 point difference is a minor victory for the side with the greatest number.
  • 31+ is a major victory for the side with the greatest number.

S3 Clarifications - the S3 staff reserves the right to make a ruling on questions or game situations not answered completely or missed by the rules. For further clarification please post on the S3 forum or email Jabo.

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