S3 #49 - Duel Over Kent - Britain July-August 1940

France has fallen but the British have taken the BEF home in good order. Hurricane losses were heavy but the dogged defense of the mainland also cost the Luftwaffe many 109s. Both sides have pulled in reinforcements and the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Initial skirmishes over the Channel show that it will not be an easy fight for either side. Opposing air forces have respect and admiration for each other and it will come down to who has the will to endure losses and return to the fight again and again.

In this series the RAF will always be on the defensive trying to intercept raid after raid which the enemy sends against airfields, radar sites and shipping. The Luftwaffe must reduce the defending fighters so their bombers can be safe to bomb at will paving the way for the eventual invasion. Each side has limitations and strengths and it is up to the skill and courage of each player that will determine the final outcome.

This series is the second in a three part Britain Stands Alone campaign that pits the RAF against the Luftwaffe, spanning the early battles in France, England and the desert, 1940-1941.

Duel Over Kent runs on Apr 6, Apr 13, Apr 20, Apr 27 and May 4


- Series runs with no breaks - Apr 6, Apr 13, Apr 20, Apr 27 and May 4
- a range of early war aircraft are available for both sides - a/c steps for each side

Game Rules

- initial rules some final tweaking will occur before the first frame

- BoB Terrain
- the basic S3 rules for players and squads
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