S3 #59 - A Dark Deadly Rain - Germany Spring 1944

The 8th Air Force has been attacking the German aircraft industry during The Big Week and has helped the RAF bomb Berlin again and again. US planners have decided to attack the fuel industry before turning to the final preparations for D-Day. Some think the German fuel stockpile is not extensive enough to withstand an onslaught against its limited production facilities and resources. Many in the USAAF just want a target that will cause the Luftwaffe to rise up in numbers so they can be shotdown. The dark days of 1943 are past and many new P51s are available to carry the bombers throughout Germany and hunt down the Luftwaffe far and wide. The Luftwaffe is far from defeated and has the experience and control to inflict heavy losses on those bomber units they target. The key is getting past the huge screen of escorts and prowling fighters that patrol German skies every day.

In this series the Allies have the numbers advantage but must limit their close escort around the strength of a united and large bomber group. The Luftwaffe cannot scramble everything but must decide carefully where to launch their smaller units of fighters scattered throughout Germany and form them up quickly so the bombers can be hit several times inbound and outbound to the Father land. The challenge to both sides is great even if the series is one of the easier ones to organize with limited strategic options. But the tension will be there, good planes, good pilots and tough decisions in hell.

A Dark Deadly Rain runs on Nov 15, Nov 22, Dec 6, Dec 13 and Dec 20 in the tried and true ETO terrain.


- Series runs with a break for US Thanksgiving - Nov 15, Nov 22, Dec 6, Dec 13 and Dec 20
- the classic late war aircraft are available for both sides

Game Rules

- rules for the series

- ETO Terrain - Game Board in PDF format with layers
- the basic S3 rules for players and squads
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