S3 #45 - Wild Horses Roam - Germany Winter 1943-44

Game Settings

  • Allied Players(green) - 99 est
  • Axis Players(gold) - 86 est
  • Icons d20 friendly, d8 range, d1 enemy name
  • Winds none
  • Clouds - typical MA clouds
  • Radar 40 miles with inflight arrow. Minimum alt is 500 ft.
  • Flak - all Flak is limited to 30,000ft in height.
  • Allied Airfields(green) - England
  • Axis Airfields(gold) - mainland Europe
  • Fuel Multipler - set at 0.75 for all planes.
  • Rebuild Time - 300 mins
  • Game Length 180 mins
  • Lives 1 life per frame
  • Game Scale - 1 squad = 1 historical unit and 1 frame = 1 week of operations.

Basic Rules

Initial Format - subject to change before the first frame.

Start Times - each frame uses the following schedule;

  • T-30 - Bombers may launch early to get altitude
  • T+0 - Remaining USAAF may launch, LW are scrambled by CM call.
  • T+160 - Dusk, last surface attacks completed all a/c must disengage ASAP.
  • T+180 - Near dark, all squads must be in tower or on final.

Operational Restrictions - each side may only conduct operations in the area outlined in the game map.

Bomber Restrictions - all bomber squads must fly together in a historical formation representing a large bomber group. They must all fly B17Gs for 3 frames and B24Js for 2 frames. Bombers must only target oil targets on the map and cannot hit the same target twice unless it is ruled slightly damaged or not damaged at all. Target hardness is high so bombers and entire squads are advised to salvo bombs onto the target.

Bomber/Strike AI - no bomber AI allowed

Luftwaffe Restrictions - the Luftwaffe has several zones that they can base their fighters in. Each is limited to a certain number of steps. They must begin play in their assigned zones but may replane at any airfield in any zone afterwards. Each zone is scrambled by the CM, a/c in these zones must wait for the call to roll before taking flight.

USAAF Restrictions - the USAAF can only close escort the bombers with a max of 6 steps. The remaining fighter strength cannot fly with the bomber box but must act as extended sweeps or interdiction to the flanks, front and back of the bomber group. These units can try and CAP or patrol suspected Luftwaffe airfields that may scramble as the bombers approach.

OOB deployment limits - all Luftwaffe forces must be deployed in the chosen battle sector. All USAAF bomber units must use any large field and USAAF fighters may use any fields keeping within basing step restrictions.

Scoring - each side scores points for a/c shotdown and pilots KIA. The experten for both sides are worth more than those new to the game as recorded on the S6. The Luftwaffe score more for a/c shotdown than the US, especially bombers. The US scores points for damaged and destroyed buildings at the target oil sites. The farther zones score more than the closer ones.

Hidden Rules - each side will have some basic deployment rules and clarifications to the above rules.

Victory Conditions - Victory conditions are cumulative and a winner is declared only after all the frames have been run. The total mission points for both sides are compared after 5 frames.

  • 0-10 point difference is a draw
  • 11-30 point difference is a minor victory for the side with the greatest number.
  • 31+ is a major victory for the side with the greatest number.

S3 Clarifications - the S3 staff reserves the right to make a ruling on questions or game situations not answered completely or missed by the rules. For further clarification please post on the S3 forum or email Jabo.

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