S3 #40 - Britain Will Fall - Aug to Sept 1940

As Goering looked out over the Channel he was concerned that his shining star, his Luftwaffe, had not been able to clear the RAF from the skies. It had been four weeks since they began the task of bringing the British to their knees and things had not gone as well as it had in France or Poland. His favoured Zestroyers had proved a failure, the Stukas almost wiped from the skies and his bombers were taking such heavy losses. He gathered his Kommodoren around him and vented his anger. Goering demanded closer more rigid protection for his bombers. He did not want the silly English getting any more of his bombers and his bombers needed to destroy the RAF on the ground so the Kriegsmarine could cross the Channel. Turning to the Kommodore of JG26, Adolf Galland, he asked him in a friendly way what he would like for his gruppen. "I would like an outfit of Spitfires from my group!" Goering stormed off but his orders would be carried out or there would be hell to pay.

BWF is a tactical event representing the hectic days during the summer of 1940 when 11 Group airfields and installations were under constant attack by Luftflotte 2. The RAF defenders have to wait to see where and when the attack will come, scrambling at the last minute, climbing up to the German bombers and the always higher Bf109s. The Luftwaffe must mount attack after attack with their bombers to wear down the RAF and destroy them in the air and on the ground.

- Series runs before Christmas on Nov 19, 26, Dec 3, Dec 10 and Dec 17
- German bombers and the new Spitfire Mk 1 M03 and Bf109 E2

Game Rules

- initial rules some final tweaking will occur before the first frame

- Blitz Terrain
- Same basic S3 rules as in previous events.
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