Janitors - the men that bring you mayhem and angst on Sunday nights
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Peter 'Roan' Robb

The diplomat. Roan is your first contact with S3 administration. He organizes sides, bribes frame COs and keeps squads informed. The S3 forum, email group lists and squad recruitment are dropped on his desk. Retired 2012

Jeff 'Jabo' Barlow

The cook. Jabo is the initial designer of the series scenarios. He assigns squad a/c and sides before the series and monitors planning and rule queries during the lead-up to game day. Designs and administers the webpage. Retired 2018

Troy 'Phenix' Errthum

The numbers man. Troy designs, hosts and is always improving the important S6 database. His is the resource for all the stats and numbers S3 players love to crunch and compare. Email

Dave 'Baal' Moodie provided the artistic talent and research for our awards system as well as help run and participate in all the early S3 events. One of the original Janitors without whom we could not have come this far, his dedication and hardwork will be missed.

Bryan 'Spitboy' Moffett brought a new level of scoring and game database development to the S3s. We salute all his hardwork and time spent developing and maintaining the S3 parser, forum and host site.

Special thanks to Chuck "Vadr" Grimes and Chris "Wackem" Edwards for their ground-breaking work on the original S3 parser and cgi awards site.



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