S3 #44 - The Juggernaut Begins, Ukraine, Fall 1943

The fall of 1943 saw the German Army weak from their defeat at Kursk. The Soviets were determined to regain the Ukraine and began a series of offensives in August that would keep the German army in retreat until winter. By now Soviet tank formations greatly outnumbered their enemies and they used them to punch holes in the German line. German defenses tried tenaciously to close off these holes and restore the line but it was a fight they could not win without the tank reserves they had lost at Kursk.

TJB is a tactical event representing the massive attack in the Ukraine by the Soviet tank formations. German defences could not hope to hold and they fought a running retreat against the overwhelming numbers. German players attempt to attack the Soviet spearheads and supply points while the Soviet players attack the few German defences and force them to retreat faster by causing damage behind the lines.

- Series runs with no breaks - July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
- a range of early war to mid war aircraft are available for both sides - a/c steps for each side

Game Rules

- initial rules some final tweaking will occur before the first frame

- Tobruk Terrain - map without ground units and supply routes
- the basic S3 rules for players and squads
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