S3 #39 - Mustangs over Suribachi - Japan, Spring 1945

The IJAAF and IJN fighter defences protecting Japan against nightime B29 attacks began to face increasing daylight opposition when USN carrier a/c began to pound Japanese targets starting in Feb 1945. With the fall of Iwo Jima the USAAF 20th Air Force now had a base from which P51s could provide escort for daylight bombing missions. The first of such escorted attacks occurred on 7 April 1945 and soon the few remaining experience Japanese pilots were leading a ragged collection of fighters to try and hold back the tide of American bombers and carrier a/c that were devastating their homeland.

MOS is a operational and tactical game of the final defense of Japan. Concentrating on the southern Island of Kyushu Japanese players will have to defend their homeland against high flying USAAF bombers and their Mustang escorts from the south while trying to deal with sudden carrier strikes from the east. American players will try and inflict as much damage as possible on the Japanese infrastructure; destroying cities, sinking ships and harassing supply lines while protecting their fleets from the inevitable Kamakaze attacks.

- Series runs in a private Malta 256 Terrain on Sept 24, Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15 and Oct 22
- Mustang squads in Mustangs, Naval squads in navy iron and the Japanese have guns and armour this time around.

Game Rules

- Still under development

- Matla 256 terrain representing Iwo Jima and Kyushu Japan, 20 mile grids
- Same basic S3 rules as in previous events.
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