Score Regulations - updated 2008


Individual Scores

All pilots that flew at least 4 frames, did not have any KIA result and managed to score more than 0 points are awarded medals. Note - if only 4 frames are recorded this minimum is reduced to 3 frames.

Total points based upon a comparison of Plus(Assists, AI & E/A kills, BDA) and Minus(KIA, bail, ditch, DWD, MIA, capture,crash) to reach a final result.

Plus Points =other e/a kill(1.0 - includes AI a/c and ships), bomber kill(2.0), ground target BDA(0.1-0.5 per series), GV destroyed(0.15-0.5), E/A assist(0.25)

Minus Points = KIA(-2.0), Bail(-1.0), Ditch(-0.5), Capture(-0.5), DWD(-0.25), MIA(-0.25) - cumulative (ie - bail with capture = -1.5)

Squad Scores

All squads have their points percentages based upon the total number of Pilot Frames flown. There is a minimum number of Pilot Frames to be flown for a squad to qualify.

Modified in RTW for new terrains and increased target hardness. Changed again for OTB where penalties for bail and ditch/capture were doubled. AI bomber kills reduced to 1 pt and TOT eliminated due to AI wingee problems. Ships reduced to 1 pt and GVs set at 0.25 pts with tanks at 0.5 pts. Crash added back into the log starting in RSR in 2006. BDA is not consistent from terrain to terrain and structures are sometimes easier or harder to destroy thus the range of BDA from 0.1 to 0.5.

In the 10th year the S6 parser is used to total points for players, DWD and MIA added into calculations at that time.

In the 11th year KIA was increased to - 2.0 from -1.0