Muzz's Maps

Updated 27 Jan 19

Thanks to the S3 Godz for hosting.

Nothing fancy. Html links to the in-flight map dds files (about 0.5 Mb each zipped). Just unzip and save the applicable file in your Warbirds root directory.

S3 Specials

New Guinea - NGD - Frame 3 **NEW**

Remember to back-up your original files before you install.

Feedback welcome

"Blank" Inflight Maps - with embedded icons * SOME ARE OUT OF DATE *


Blitz v3.1 - Updated for the latest version of the Blitz terrain. Added new radar stations, icons for new radar emitters at existing fields and made minor corrections to several field positions.

ETO v2.01 Hamburg

PTO Phillipines



"Blank" Inflight Maps - with no field icons


Blitz not yet updated to v3.1


Japan Islands



Solomon Islands

Inflight Maps "The Whole Enchilada"

Zip file includes non-S3 versions of Atoll, Blitz, Crimea, ETO, Japan Islands, PTO, Tobruk, Tunisia and Solomon Islands. Great to have on hand to reload my maps after updating Warbirds. Thanks to Wolf for the idea.

All Maps (~6Mb)

If you really, really, really, like these maps, please send a ridiculously substantial donation to the "Upgrade Muzz's Computer and/or send him on an Overseas Holiday Fund." Please note that this is not a registered charity. ;-)

But seriously, if you find any errors or omissions, or have ideas about how the maps can be improved, please post a note on the S3 boards. For those who need to be reminded, I am not an employee of iEN. The maps are made voluntarily on my own time.

See you in the unfriendly skies…

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