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The Squad Select Series is a player organized event in WarBirds that simulates the large-scale battles fought between opposing Air Forces during The Second World War. Fast and furious since 1998 the S3s are the oldest and longest running online multi-player event with detailed planning and intense periods of combat. Everything is based upon the squad, flying realistically and playing with honor. Players have thousands of hours of online combat and are some of the most experienced and deadly virtual pilots out there. Awards and cumulative scoring allow each player to track their career and squad exploits over the years.

For those individuals wanting more than a silly furball at a thousand feet join the S3s and fly a combat mission in WW2. Login to the S3 Arena on game day and our helpful squads will get you organized to fly. New pilots may also register on our forum posting your name here so our squads can approach you with recruitment offers.

For our 19th season, the S3s are back with five events highlighting the new aircraft FMs.

Check out these retro screenshots from years past - 5DJ, FACS, FP, OMH, TFB, TV

S3#109 - Fight Above Etna - Sicily July 1943

The invasion of Sicily was underway and in the Allied foothold airstrips were being prepared and fighters moved in. The Germans and Italians were determined to defend Sicily as long as possible, moving back their best air units to airfields in the shadow of Mt. Etna. Allied CAS was crucial in defeating the Axis defensive lines but they would have to battle against the enemies veteran fighter units to achieve it.

This series will highlight the mid-war MTO match-up with revised FMs for the fighters involved. Events are now unlocked so those wishing to interact with S3 squadrons may do so. Information will be provided to interested players at login. Come see what the we are all about.

This event features the Sicily terrain in the S3 Arena at 8:30PM Eastern/5:30 PM Pacific. Available squads and their Squad Roles.

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