S3 #73 - Across The Vistula; Russian Front Jan 1945

Game Settings

  • VVS Players(red) - 96 est
  • Luftwaffe Players(gold) - 82 est
  • Icons d24 friendly, d8 range, d8 enemy plane
  • Winds none
  • Clouds - heavy clouds above 22,000ft to keep fights at historic levels
  • Radar 20 mile radius, grey dots, inflight arrow. Minimum alt is 300 ft.
  • Flak - all Flak is limited to 24,000ft in height.
  • VVS Airfields(red) - East of frontline
  • Luftwaffe Airfields(gold) - West of frontline
  • Fuel Multipler - set at 1.0 for all planes.
  • Rebuild Time - 300 mins
  • Game Length 180 mins
  • Lives 1 life per frame
  • Game Scale - 1 squad = 1 historical unit and 1 frame = 1 set of operations.

Basic Rules

Initial Format - subject to change before the first frame.

Start Times - each frame uses the following schedule;

  • T+0 - Dawn - flight enabled for all a/c.
  • T+30 - Full light
  • T+160 - Dusk, last surface attacks completed all a/c must disengage ASAP.
  • T+180 - Dark, all squads must be in tower or land in the dark.

Operational Restrictions - each side may only conduct operations in the area outlined in the game map. From frame to frame expect the map to radically change as the historical fortunes of both sides did.

Airfield Basing - before the frame begins squads are assigned to airfields by the frame CO. Each squad has a step value and each airfield can base the following amount of steps. Squads may rebase during play but only to an airfield that has unused steps to allow such a move.

  • tac strip(any size) = 2 steps
  • small field = 2 steps
  • medium field = 3 steps
  • large field = 4 steps

Squad Aircraft - each side begins play with A/C Inventory Points(AIPs) from which they may purchase a/c steps for the first frame based upon the rate outlined below. Any remaining AIPs are carried over to next frame and kept as a reserve. After every frame a/c losses(from all causes) are added and steps removed(per 6 a/c) from inventory with remaining losses for each type carried over. These will be indicated in brackets after the step losses. Every frame each side recieves a set amount of additional AIPs as replacements. From the total APs remaining they may purchase new a/c to replace their losses for the next frame. See the Step Table for AIPs for each side. Steps are assigned by the Frame CO for each frame and can be switched around between squads from frame to frame. Each a/c type has a maximum number of steps that can be purchased during the series. Once this max step level is exceeded the a/c type in question cannot be used for operations any more. Steps cannot be traded in for another a/c type so its important to purchase wisely from the at-start AIPs. If a side starts to loose more than 50% of their a/c in a frame they will have a difficult time replacing them with a/c of the same calibre.

VVS Rank AIP Table

Plane Rank Bomber/Strike Fighter AIP cost/step
1st Line B25H Yak3 3
2nd Line B25J La5FN 2.5
3rd Line Pe2 (Dh98 VI) Yak9D 2
4th Line iL2 (D3A1) SpitIXe 1.5
5th Line B25C La5 1
Reserve P39Q P40E 0.5

Luftwaffe Rank AIP Table

Plane Rank Bomber/Strike Fighter AIP cost/step
1st Line He177 (B17F) FW190D9 3
2nd Line Ju88A4 Bf109K4 2.5
3rd Line FW190A8 FW190A4 2
4th Line Bf110G2 Bf109G6 1.5
5th Line He111 Bf109G6/R6 1
Reserve Ju87D/G Bf109G2 0.5

Example - a the Frame 1 German Frame CO has 42 AIPs to purchase a/c steps. He has 17 steps to outfit and decides to buy 6 steps of FW190D9s(3x6=18), 2 steps of FW190A8(2x2=4), 3 steps of He177s(3x3=9) and 6 steps of Bf109G6(1.5x6=9) for a total of 40 AIPs leaving 2 in the bank. After frame 1 German losses are 3 steps of FW190D9s, 3 steps of Bf109G6s, 1 step of He177s and 1 step of FW190A8s. For Frame 2 they have 17 AIPs as replacements and 2 AIPs in the bank for a total of 19. They need to replace the 8 lost steps and decide to refill them the same at a cost of 18.5 AIPs leaving 0.5 AIPs for Frame 3.

Targets -the available targets fall into two categories; operational targets or tank forces. Each frame will have a number of different operational targets indicated on the map by stars which can be hit for game points. Each frame a number of ground force movements are indicated for both sides on the map. These arrows will consist of a number of tank GVs that are static and difficult to spot. They will not have any AA protection but will be hard to kill. The Luftwaffe will have more Soviet tanks to attack and the VVS will have more German operational targets to hit. Please study the scoring sheet included on the game map to determine where your points will be best scored. BDA target objects are still being assessed to assign to the different classes, the ETO has many different object types.

Anti-tank Weapons - bombs of almost all types will blow of a tanks tracks, several smaller bombs or very large bombs will blow up tanks with a direct hit. 37mm cannons will destroy tanks with 2-4 hits depending on location. Regular cannons will destroy tanks but require a lot of shells to do so. The front cannons of the iL2(D3A1) will be effective against tanks and represent the 23mm cannons/rocket loadout they carried. Other ord that has been adjusted to be more effective against tanks are the parafrags, rockets, 50kg bombs and 100kg bombs. Tanks will be unloaded at T+160 so any still damaged may still score depending if the pilot is still in the arena.

Closed Fields - pilots that land a closed airfield or are stuck in the tower are done for the night. If you do not do this and teleport you will be awarded a penalty plane.

Truck Use - pilots that land a non-airfield location and can respawn must drive a truck to the nearest base to replane. If you do not do this and teleport you will be awarded a penalty plane.

Penalty Planes - players that commit errors in basic rules and do not attempt to correct the error during play will have a penalty plane assigned to their squad. Examples include flying different a/c during a frame, teleporting fields when not allowed by special rules, gunning from ships or flak positions.

  • Allied Penalty Planes - iL2
  • LW Penalty Plane - Ju87

Squad Penalty Plane Tallies are kept in the PPlist. It is up to each squad to fly their penalty a/c and let the CM know how many have been flown after a frame so he can remove them from the list. These carry over to the next series so cannot be escaped.

Victory Points - are based upon target damage, planes shot down and pilots lost.

Victory Conditions - Victory conditions are cumulative and a winner is declared only after all the frames have been run for both series of the campaign. The total points for both sides are compared after all 5 frames;

  • 0-10 point difference is a draw
  • 11-20 point difference is a minor victory for the side with the greatest number.
  • 21+ is a major victory for the side with the greatest number.

S3 Clarifications - the S3 staff reserves the right to make a ruling on questions or game situations not answered completely or missed by the rules. For further clarification please post on the S3 forum or email Jabo.

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