Five Carrier Battles - PTO 1942

Game Settings

  • Allied Players(green) - 85 est
  • Axis Players(red) - 96 est
  • Icons d20 friendly, d8 range, d1 enemy name
  • Winds none
  • Clouds - possible
  • Radar 30 miles with inflight arrow. Minimum alt is 1000 ft.
  • Flak - all Flak is limited to 25,000ft in height.
  • Allied Airfields(green) - CVs, Midway
  • Axis Airfields(red) - CVs
  • Fuel Multipler - set at 1.0 for all planes.
  • Rebuild Time - 300 mins
  • Game Length 180 mins
  • Lives 1 life per frame
  • Game Scale - 1 squad = 1 historical unit and 1 frame = 1 week of operations.

Basic Rules

Initial Format - subject to change before the first frame.

Start Times - each frame uses the following schedule;

  • T+0 - Dawn, only scouts may launch
  • T+20 - Full light, CAP may launch
  • T+160 - Dusk, last surface attacks completed all a/c must disengage ASAP.
  • T+180 - Near dark, all squads must be in tower or on final.

Operational Restrictions - each side may only conduct operations in the area outlined in the Midway map.

Frame battles - each frame represents a carrier battle of 1942. In order they are; Coral Sea, Midway, Eastern Solomons, Guadalcanal and Santa Cruz Islands. The composition of each sides forces will change based upon these battles and the results of the previous frame.

Allied Aircraft - each US carrier will have a specific number of a/c available outlined in the hidden rules for each frame, these are based upon historical numbers.

Axis Aircraft - each Japanese carrier will have a specific number of a/c available outlined in the hidden rules for each frame, these are based upon historical numbers.

Bomber Strike AI - all strike aircraft may take one AI wingman and that wingman must fly a realistic formation off to one side at a minimum of d1. AI wingman count in loss calculations and effects so should not be thrown away.

Scouts - For each carrier each side may deploy 3 SBDs or 3 Vals at T+0 to search for the enemy fleet.

CAP - for each carrier each side may deploy 6 A6M3s or F4Fs at T+20. The cap must protect the fleet.

Strike - each side may load up to 24 a/c on each carrier deck for a strike after the CAP is deployed. They can only launch after T+30 once a carrier has been confirmed sighted by the CM. A loaded deck cannot land any a/c. Once all a/c have landed on a deck it takes 20 mins to reload the deck for another strike. The carrier captain must indicate loading and unloading a deck to the CM on country.

Missions - there is only one mission, sink the enemy carriers. Everything else is secondary.

Fleets - each side will have a fleet of ships that have to be driven. Their placement will be different for each frame. Make sure you have the proper colour selected before entering the arena as changing sides will take the action of the CM.

Ship Captains - only assigned players may captain a ship. Do not drive a ship unless the Frame CO tells you.

Ship gunning - do not gun from a ship at any time during the frame.

CVs lost - if one side losses all their CVs the US a/c in the air can land Midway while the IJ a/c in the air will land a newly spawned CV. The frame is over if one side losses all their CVs before T+180.

AAR - After Action Reports are manditory in determining the success or failure of missions. Failure to post an AAR may result in raids being ruled a failure.

Mission Points - sunk carriers are worth 20 pts and sunken DDs are worth 3 pts. Carriers ruled damaged are worth from 1-10pts and DDs ruled damaged are worth 1 pt.

Morale Points - after each frame the aircraft losses are compared and morale points assigned to the side that inflicted the most damage to the enemies will to fight. Other causes may impact morale as well and will be rewarded. At the end of the series those surviving non-POW pilots will have a percentage of their individual points assigned as morale points.

Damage Points - at the end of the series all individual points used to determine series awards are gathered and assigned to each side to represent overall damage. Those pilots that manage to survive and are not POW will also score a percentage of their points as morale points to reflect both their experience and confidence going forward.

Victory Conditions - Victory conditions are cumulative and a winner is declared only after all the frames have been run. The total game points for both sides are compared after 5 frames. Game points are a combination of Mission Points awarded after each frame, Morale Points awarded after each frame and after the series for surviving pilots and Damage Points awarded after the series.

  • 0-20 point difference is a draw
  • 21-40 point difference is a minor victory for the side with the greatest number.
  • 41+ is a major victory for the side with the greatest number.

S3 Clarifications - the S3 staff reserves the right to make a ruling on questions or game situations not answered completely or missed by the rules. For further clarification please post on the S3 forum or email Jabo.

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