After each series awards are bestowed upon the participants based upon their accumulated scores and any nominations by fellow players. As much as possible medals are awarded in keeping with the national service each player flew for during the event. To better represent historical awards Luftwaffe scoring is cumulative over every series while Allied is for each series only.



The Killing Time - ETO 1945

Allied Points and Awards


The Killing Time - ETO 1945

Luftwaffe Points and Awards


Bomber Pilots - 52 pilots who scored points.

Fighter Pilots - 58 pilots who scored points.


Award abbreviations

DFC(US) - Distinguished Flying Cross (US award)

BS - Bronze Star

AM - Air Medal

AM(Oak) - Oak Cluster to the Air Medal

MID - Mentioned in Despatches



Fighter Pilots - 53 pilots who scored points.


Award abbreviations

KCO - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

GC - German Cross In Gold

HC - Honor Cup

IC(x2) - Iron Cross both 1st and 2nd Class

IC(1st) - Iron Cross 1st Class

IC - Iron Cross 2nd Class

GD - Gold Day Fighter Badge

SD - Silver Day Fighter Badge

BD - Bronze Day Fighter Badge