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The Squad Select Series is a player organized event in WarBirds that simulates the large-scale battles fought between opposing Air Forces during The Second World War. Fast and furious since 1998 the S3s are the oldest and longest running online multi-player event with detailed planning and intense periods of combat. Everything is based upon the squad, flying realistically and playing with honor. Players have thousands of hours of online combat and are some of the most experienced and deadly virtual pilots out there. Awards and cumulative scoring allow each player to track their career and squad exploits over the years.

For those individuals wanting more than a silly furball at a thousand feet join the S3s and fly a combat mission in WW2. Login to the S3 fontArena on game day and our helpful squads will get you organized to fly. New pilots may also register on our forum posting your name here so our squads can approach you with recruitment offers.

For our 20th season, the S3s are back with five events highlighting the new aircraft FMs.

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S3#111 - The Tunisian Campaign - November 1942 - July 1943

Only after years of research and analysis by both military and civilian historian, do we now realize the significance of the battles fought in North Africa during late 1942 and spring 1943. German and Italian forces intent on marching across North Africa and capturing the oil rich resources of the Middle East so necessary to their war machine, were opposed by the combined forces of British, American and former Vichy and free French armies.

Operation Torch’s relatively easy landings in Algeria gave Allied leaders hope that driving the Axis armies east to Tunis would be only a matter of time. However, Axis Generals Rommel “the desert fox” and Von Arnim quickly erased any Allied expectation of an easy victory. A long list of famous battles, El Alamein, Sidi Bou Zid, Kasserine Pass and the Mareth Line created a steady ebb and flow of battle for territories gained and lost for both sides. Allied leadership, with now famous names like Patton and Montgomery, combined with strong logistical support eventually drove the Axis forces east denying them access to the Middle East.

This series will highlight the Tunisia arena with revised flight models for the fighters involved. Players will have to fly the good, the bad and the ugly to win. Mainly a fighter vs fighter event but those players so inclined to fly bombers or drive ground vehicles will have the opportunity to effect the outcome of the series by attacking important operational targets.

TThis event features the Tusian Arena in the S3 Arena at 8:30PM Eastern/5:30 PM Pacific. Five frames in the schedule. Available squads and their Squad roles


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